The 78cm tall X2, the ‘baby’ of the Kudos range, is a compact two-way floorstander designed to bring the Kudos sound to the smaller living space and/or budget. While it may take up a little less space in both listening room and wallet, there’s certainly nothing ‘small’ about the X2’s design and performance. The cabinet is internally damped and braced to minimise resonance, and beautifully finished in a choice of real wood veneers or a satin white paint. The drivers are neatly mounted into the cabinet and the grille is held by magnets to maintain a sleek outer aspect. As with all loudspeakers in the Kudos range, the easy 8 ohm impedance means that the X2 will perform beautifully with a wide range of valve and solid state amplifiers.



The drive units are manufactured exclusively for Kudos by Norwegian specialists SEAS and have been specifically crafted for the X2’s more compact size. Both drivers are of exceptional quality and the mid-base driver uses a cast chassis for optimal stability. The two drive units are woven together with bespoke crossover components from experts Clarity Caps and Mundorf, producing one of the most musically rewarding compact loudspeakers ever.



The 15-litre, reflex-ported cabinet is constructed from 18mm high density MDF specifically chosen for its acoustic properties and carefully tuned to minimise cabinet colouration and time smear. The reflex port is situated on the bottom of the cabinet, where the plinth then provides a fixed boundary gap for the port to work optimally, as well as giving additional stability.

What others say

"Its main strength is an impressively lively demeanour, with a vibrant, open and coherent sound quality"

Hi-Fi Choice

"The Kudos X2 eloquently makes the point that you shouldn’t pick on the little fella."

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  • 2-way
  • Bass reflex
  • Floorstander

Nominal impedance

  • 8 ohms

Mid/bass driver

  • Kudos 150mm unit with cast chassis, coated paper cone and 26mm voice coil

Recommended amplifier power detail

  • 25W - 150W

Frequency range

  • 25Hz – 30 kHz AIRR (average in-room response)


  • 780mm (h) x 166mm (w) x 206mm (d)


  • @1W
  • 1m
  • 86.5dB


  • Kudos 25mm fabric dome

Weight (per loudspeaker)

  • 11 kg

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