Kudos X

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The ‘baby’ of the Kudos range, the X2 is a compact two-way floorstander designed to bring the Kudos sound to the smaller living space and/or budget.



Hot on the heels of the X2, the X3 goes above and beyond with its larger size, extended bass and exciting dynamic range.

Kudos Cardea



Featuring a stunning custom-designed tweeter, the C10 is a masterful compact standmount loudspeaker that’s won a legion of admirers.


Super 10A

Take one of the world’s finest tweeters and marry it with a newly-developed mid/bass driver and a fully re-engineered crossover.  “Compact monitors don’t come much better than this,” said Hi-Fi News.



The C20 is an outstanding loudspeaker that quickly established a reputation as one of the best small floorstanders available at its price point. Which isn’t surprising given what’s ‘under the hood’.


Super 20A

The Super 20’s key features and benefits are directly comparable to those of the  Super 10 standmount, but as a floorstander, the Super 20 uses its larger size to add improved bass extension and greater scale.

Kudos Titan

Kudos Titan 505

Titan 505

Crafted to deliver top-of-range performance in a compact, standmount size. Never let a smaller space or budget cause you to compromise on the sheer joy of your music.






Titan 606

Why have just one flagship-quality loudspeaker when you can offer a range? A more affordable entry point from which to enjoy the Titans’ pure clarity, vibrant agility, tight control and sheer musical enjoyment.


Titan 707

The ‘middle’ member of the Titan trio of floorstanders marries the superlative tweeter from our flagship 808 with two brand new, custom-designed mid-bass drivers: vivid detail meets unmatched control.

Titan 808

Incorporating what must surely be some of the world’s finest drive units, all exclusive to Kudos and impeccably matched, the Titan 808 is a master of musical performance and the flagship of the Kudos range.