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AV Forums

"Everything about the C10 reflects extraordinary care and attention and the implementation of extremely high quality components."

"There’s a sense of honesty in the warmth of their presentation, a limpid fluency that is both beautiful and entirely reassuring."

What Hi-Fi?

"The Super 10As are outstanding speakers for the price, delivering class leading insight and transparency"

The Ear

"I think what one may lose in scale versus a floorstander, a standmount adds in speed and agility without, at least in the case of the Kudos Cardea Super 10A, any sacrifice of musicality, tuneful but fast bass, rhythm or timing. "

Low Beats

"the Super 20A could be the fulfillment for a lot of music lovers who do not want to or are not allowed to listen too loudly in smaller living rooms. Kudos means "kudos". That is exactly what we want to say here."

Hi-Fi News

"The simple verdict? For all their compact size, understated engineering and refined styling, these are quite possibly the most sensationally rewarding way to spend under £5000 on a pair of speakers right now."


"Perfected over many years, this latest version of the British company's first floor standing loudspeaker delivers excitement and refinement in equal measure"

Hi-Fi Choice

"The C10 is a relatively straightforward design executed with the highest quality materials possible so it manages to combine clarity, detail and tonal realism with a sense of fun that then goes on to have an impressively forgiving edge. It’s survived as long as it has because the fundamentals are so obviously correct. Without losing any of this balance, the latest upgrades make it even better still."

"Sometimes good things are hidden from our view. The floorstanding Titan 606, for example, uses a second bass driver in isobaric configuration as a clever means of reducing the cabinet size."

Hi-Fi & Music Source

"if you are looking for an articulate and clearly presented pair of quality, compact standmounted speakers the Kudos Cardea C10 are an essential listen"


"This is undoubtedly one of the more interesting speakers I've heard recently."


"Kudos’ smallest speaker delivers a commendable chunk of what has made the Titan range so well received and does so while demanding very little of what is connected to, where it is placed or what you listen to on it."

AV Forums

"This is Kudos’ smallest, simplest and most affordable speaker but it still makes good on everything that the company feels matters and the result is a joy that is unquestionably a Best Buy."

"Kudos aim high with their designs and have succeeded admirably with the C20 which many enthusiasts would be very happy. They are consistent throughout the frequency range and as such they are well worth hunting out for an audition."

The Ear

"Pair them with an appropriate source and amplifier and you will have a system that should give you many years of musical joy. I am not sure that one could ask for more."

HiFi Plus

"Music flows, phrasing is easy and unforced, colours are vibrant without undue emphasis. The Kudos Titan 707s make it very easy to get drawn into the music and just forget about the hifi."

AVForums - Best in Class

"It is also the ultimate expression of what a Hi-Fi should be and a benchmark that I have no idea how I might top. This is unquestionably a Best in Class."

HiFi Critic

"They demand that you sit up and listen, and the more you do just that the more you will realise that they will reward you with an extraordinary musical experience."

HiFi and Music Source

"the Kudos KS-1 cable is performing as an excellent mid to high-end cable at a very reasonable price….and my experience of this cable…is quite remarkable really"

Hi-Fi Plus

"Whether you view it as a stepping stone to active drive of a passive loudspeaker end in its own right, the Kudos Titan 505 is one of the most impressively well-balanced loudspeakers in its price and beyond."

What Hi-Fi?

"If you like what these standmounters set out to do, we doubt whether you’ll find preferable alternatives. When it comes to delivering a direct, agile and punchy sound the 505s are excellent."

AVForums - Best in Class

"This speaker is a masterpiece, a nigh on perfect blend of engineering and soul that makes everything you play an event"

Hi-Fi Choice | February 2020

"A luxury loudspeaker and high-end active crossover come together with extraordinary effect."

Hi-Fi News

"Crisper, clearer, faster and more detailed: that sums up the gains on offer when taking this Exposure/Kudos system active, the set-up both gaining control and losing some of the restraint heard in passive mode. Best of all, it goes louder cleaner without urging restraint over volume. "

The Ear

"The Titan 505 is not just another hefty standmount, its combined technologies give it an edge even at this price and I would encourage anyone who enjoys music to have a listen."

Hi-Fi + | September 2019

"Whether you view it as a stepping stone to active drive of a passive loudspeaker end in its own right, the Kudos Titan 505 is one of the most impressively well-balanced loudspeakers in its price and beyond."

Hi-Fi Choice | June 2019

"Don’t be fooled by the compact exterior, this is one of the best standmounts that Adam Smith has ever heard"

Hi-Fi Choice

"Its main strength is an impressively lively demeanour, with a vibrant, open and coherent sound quality"

Hi-Fi News

"The Kudos X2 eloquently makes the point that you shouldn’t pick on the little fella."

Hi-Fi World

"The Super 10s are illuminating, letting life stream into the music.. If you want to hear a fine small loudspeaker it is this one; they are well worth hearing."

Hi-Fi- News

"Wonderful images of musicians performing in space"
"Excellent portrayal of fine detail"
"A vivid and articulate listening experience"


"The C10’s top end is sublime… details were impeccably rendered."
"base lines were clear and well defined, with excellent levels of detail and rhythmical alacrity"

Hi-Fi World

"Crisply detailed performers with jaw-dropping transient abilities. A beautiful package at the price."

Hi-Fi News

"The C20 will repay you with an insightful sound characterised by agile bass, a lack of lower midrange thickening, and spacious but precisely metered imaging."

Hi-Fi News

"The Super 20 really grabs your attention"
"Uncompromising in revealing the strengths and weaknesses of recordings"
"Moreover, its vivid clarity tends to shine a spotlight on musical performance too"