The Kudos Difference

We don’t do ‘by-the-numbers’ speaker design. Drawing on decades of experience in live sound and reproduction, Kudos loudspeakers are born out of a uniquely intuitive creative process. Through acute listening, observation, and a masterfully simple methodology, we strive to create loudspeakers that tease out the intangible magic in your music - every time you hit play. You can find out more about how we bring the Kudos difference to life here.

Custom-made components, unique to Kudos

We’ve collaborated with some of the world’s leading audio manufacturers, tasking them with bringing our in-house designs to life by building components unique to Kudos loudspeakers – from one-of-a-kind drivers to stunning cabinets handcrafted in the UK. Each loudspeaker is then assembled, by hand, in our factory in North East England.

Masterful simplicity for the purest sound

We’ve cultivated an elementary build philosophy that ensures Kudos loudspeakers are painstakingly constructed to put as little in the path of your audio signal as fundamentally possible. See and hear this dedication to simplicity in our low-order crossover designs and reflex loading energy dissipation – every engineering decision is made to preserve the purity of your music.

There’s a Kudos for every music lover

The entire Kudos family shares a distinct and familiar voice, but there’s still huge versatility to be found throughout our range. Each product is designed to complement a different listening space and user. Across our range, we’ve made specific design choices to ensure Kudos loudspeakers excel in any space. Whether you’re placing close to a wall, in small rooms or large – there’s a Kudos speaker that perfectly fits you and your system.

Beautiful design, practical application

Kudos speakers carry a timeless style, but behind the good looks lies purposeful, practical decision making. We take a ‘form-first’ approach to design – every aesthetic characteristic in a Kudos loudspeaker performs a specific function. From our isobaric bass reflex loading, isolating the bass drivers for a more deeply defined low end, to the sloping cut of our cabinets – a Kudos speaker stands out for a reason.

Elevate your listening with active configuration

Kudos loudspeakers are built to sound as good as fundamentally possible in passive configuration. Upgrade to active, and you elevate your Kudos speakers to a whole new level of sonic excellence. Active configuration is straightforward to set up across our entire range, and seamlessly compatible with industry leading manufacturers.

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