Kudos Super 20s at The Bristol Show 2013

Posted on 22nd March 2013 in Category: Events

The new Kudos Super 20s were certainly pulling in the crowds at the recent Sound & Vision show in Bristol, UK. The Kudos room was packed throughout the show with many listeners commenting that the Super 20s were producing the best sound of the show!

Of particular note was a track by the artist “Prince” – or should that be “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince”? – it’s hard to keep up!

The track was playing from a USB memory stick plugged into a Naim NDS network streamer (with 555PS power supply) and sounded outrageously good. Perhaps for the first time ever, we thought the sound from digital was superior to that we were getting from vinyl. Ok, so the turntable arm and cartridge were all brand new, un-run-in samples, but nevertheless. The times they are a-changing!