Bristol Show 2016 exclusive: Kudos flagship Titan 808 loudspeakers to run ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet Expert system

Posted on 19th February 2016 in Category: Events

Last year’s Bristol Show saw the preview of Kudos’ new flagship loudspeaker, the Titan 808, incorporating ground-breaking active Linn Exakt technology. Now we’re set to unveil another exciting development: active operation with Devialet’s Expert audiophile system.

The Titan 808 can be run passively or actively. Last year, the Kudos team collaborated with colleagues at Linn to incorporate Kudos’ active crossovers into Linn’s Exakt technology. In a Linn Exakt system the loudspeaker’s internal crossover is bypassed. Instead, the Exaktbox functions as a digital active crossover routing the bass, mid-range and treble signals through separate amplifiers. As a result, an active set-up has the potential to deliver significantly more control, weight, impact and dynamics than its passive equivalent.


Kudos ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet

Kudos Actif Avec DevialetDevialet’s Expert audiophile system combines all of the key components of high-end playback (preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, phono stage) in one single, extremely thin box: just add source and speakers.

The system incorporates a raft of Devialet’s patented technologies, including SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) which enables the precise adaptation of the music signal to the specifications of your speaker model. This is made possible by the powerful digital signal processing (DSP) at the heart of each Devialet system.

Devialet’s mission is to make all worldwide loudspeaker models SAM®-ready. At the time of writing the count is 625. Kudos Audio, in the meantime, are already working with Devialet to take the technology’s potential that little bit further in the Kudos loudspeaker range.

Based on his experience of working with Linn, Kudos’ designer Derek Gilligan spotted an opportunity to pursue active operation with Devialet’s Expert system, using the aforementioned internal DSP.

“Devialet’s powerful DSP offers a wealth of interesting possibilities,” explains Gilligan. “In this case, we’re configuring it to operate as an active crossover, specifically programmed to run our active-ready loudspeakers. All the customer needs to do is to download a piece of software, which will be available direct from Devialet.”

We’re currently developing the relevant software for the Titan 808 with full support from Devialet; in time, the plan is to have similar programmes in place for all three of Kudos’ active-enabled models, making the Super 20 and Super 10 also ‘Actif Avec’ the Devialet Expert system.


World debut at The Bristol Show 2016

Kudos Titan 808
Kudos Titan 808

Join Kudos Audio at The Bristol Show 2016 for the world’s first hearing of Kudos’ flagship Titan 808 loudspeakers running ‘Actif Avec’ Devialet’s Expert audiophile system.

The demonstration system will include 3 x Devialet ‘Le 400’ dual mono units programmed to provide bass, mid-range and treble for left and right Titan 808s operating in active mode.

Room 206, 2nd Floor
Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show
Friday 26th – Sunday 28th February 2016


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