Kudos Audio and Active Operation

Posted on 6th May 2019 in Category: News

Since 2015, Kudos Audio have been working with leading hi-fi brands Linn and Devialet to bring the incredible performance of Linn’s Exakt and Devialet’s Expert technology into the heart of Kudos’ top-of-range loudspeakers, using active digital amplification.

The Kudos Titan series and ‘Super’ Cardea models are all configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation, opening up a wider upgrade path and enabling a variety of performance and personalisation enhancing capabilities.

We are now delighted to announce that along with Linn and Devialet, Naim Audio can tailor the components within their range of SNAXO crossovers to support active operation with Kudos loudspeakers.

For more information on active operation, please contact your local Linn, Devialet or Naim retailer.

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