Kudos Super 20 earns ‘Highly Commended’ Award

Posted on 19th April 2013 in Category: Awards

The new Kudos Super 20 has just received a Hi-Fi News ‘Highly Commended’ award. Reviewer John Bamford was extremely impressed with the Super 20, praising its ‘cost-no-object’ design and rightly pointing out that this makes the speaker “a bit special”.

Kudos Super 20
Kudos Super 20

But it’s the musical attributes such as rhythmic energy, and transient and dynamic performance that particularly impressed Bamford, who writes: “leading edges of drummer Ed Thigpen’s brushes on his snare and the ring of the cymbals were depicted beautifully, the rhythmic energy and sense of developing musical detail wholly captivating as the band worked its way through the album’s repertoire.”

We’re delighted that the reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the Super 20s and would like to thank Hi-Fi News magazine for the review.

Summing up in Bamford’s words, the Super 20s are “buoyant and engaging” and “highly communicative” – precisely what designer, Derek Gilligan intended.