Kudos X2 reviewed by German AUDIOphile magazine

Posted on 29th June 2011 in Category: Reviews

Five years after launching in the United Kingdom, Kudos’ success is now spreading into several key international markets.

The X2 has just recieved a thourough review in AUDIOphile, the exquisitely presented glossy magazine from the publishers of Germany’s highly respected AUDIO magazine.

Reviewer Dalibor Beric wrote as follows:

The Naim Mait XS and also the Creek Destiny 2 were capable of making the Kudos X2 display some of its abilities, one of them being the immense immediacy with which it reflects recordings.  Lightnin’ Hopkins’ smoky, creaking voice for example seems so realistic on “Black Cadillac” one could think the Blues legend might have just entered my living room.

Having said that the X2 does not require first class equipment does not mean that it doesn’t show the differnece in quality pertaining to the particular amplifier being used.  A higher quality source does in fact make the X2 shine.  So it’s time to lean back and relax while eagerly awaiting your guests, who will pity the cute little X2 at first, but are sure to have their minds blown, only to immediately go through your record collection looking for possible stumbling blocks. Having said that, I guarantee they won’t find any.”

This is the second outstanding review the X2 has received in the German press and is reflected in a healthy increase in Kudos sales in Germany: testament to the excellent efforts made by Kudos’ German distributor Beat Audio.

Download the full review here