Titan 808 Hi-Fi Plus Review

Posted on 13th September 2023 in Category: News


2f8f82ab 6bce c17e 4927 b7e300632bd6We are delighted to share with you the new Titan 808 loudspeaker review by Hi-Fi Plus magazine. 

“The 808s make every instrument sound like a better version of itself. Plucked double bass has depth, but also body and a woody sonority that some loudspeakers can only hint at; an acoustic piano is another: solid, fully fleshed-out bass notes give a real sense of the size and scale of the instrument.”

“While a bigger space than mine would allow much more latitude without needing to listen on-axis, getting a loudspeaker like the Kudos Titan 808 to work in a small room like mine is a sign of sophisticated engineering and design skills at work. Often larger speakers in a small room can sound like the World’s Biggest Headphones, but not with the Kudos Titan 808.”

“It’s a testament to Kudos’ design that they weren’t overpowering, overblown or overwrought, but that they nevertheless brought a sense of scale to the music which was entirely appropriate in my modest listening space. Most importantly, they communicated the music and its emotional connection in the music.”

“The Titan 808 is clearly a genuinely impressive loudspeaker and is more than capable of delivering a musical experience entirely commensurate with their price. And remember, these results are from passive mode; actively driven Titan 808s raise the stakes a lot higher!”

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