The pinnacle of the Titan range - engineered to achieve pure sonic perfection. The Titan 808 is an elite-level floorstanding loudspeaker for discerning music lovers seeking truly transcendent audio. Built to meet the demands of the most superior Hi-Fi systems, each element of the Titan 808 is custom-built to deliver the best listening experience imaginable. The Titan 808 stands out with its trademark split-cabinet design - separating the extra low bass resonances from the bass-mid enclosure for a flawlessly clear sound. This is the way your music was always meant to be heard.



The Titan series features drive units crafted exclusively for Kudos by world-leading specialists SEAS. All four Titans share the same superb K3 tweeter, a version of a legendary SEAS unit specially re-engineered to tailor its capabilities for the Titans. The 808’s mid/bass driver and duo of bass drivers are completely unique to this loudspeaker. All of the drivers are precisely matched and aligned to work seamlessly, as one. The result? An effortless ‘just right’ sound. When you hear it, you’ll know it.



The purer the signal, the truer the sound. A Kudos loudspeaker preserves a clean and clear audio signal by favouring a minimal design with our trademark, low-order crossover. The Titan 808’s superior quality components are tailored specifically for Kudos to stringent tolerances. They include Mundorf’s MResist Supreme resistors and air-core foil inductors, and ClarityCap’s unique CopperConnect technology capacitors.



The best designs are a marriage of form and function. In the Titan 808, the tweeter and mid/bass drivers, and the two bass drivers, are housed separately in independent cabinets, delivering remarkable musical clarity even at high volumes. The Titans’ modernist design blends effortlessly into the contemporary home. Concealed within is highly a complex system of differential panel resonance control: while keeping a rigorously tight grip on any and all unwanted vibrations, this smart system gives full and free rein to the natural dynamics of your music.



Bass is key to how we hear music, so our Titan series goes above and beyond in ensuring superior sound at the all-important lower end. The Titan 808’s isobaric and fixed boundary bass reflex loading is cleverly engineered to deliver a more agile, nuanced, textured and detailed bass reproduction.



The Titan series is configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation with leading electronics including Linn Exakt, Devialet Expert and Naim SNAXO. Upgrading to active operation enables a variety of performance and personalisation enhancing capabilities.


Click on the image to your right to discover some of the expertise, engineering and emotion that go into a Kudos Titan loudspeaker.

Isobaric arrangement in which the second mid/bass driver is carefully positioned internally back-to-back with the first for superior bass reproduction and reduced distortion


Cabinet is constructed from multi-thickness High Density Fibre Board to control panel resonance


Resonance control pads to control the energy flow and release from the inner cabinet


Low order crossover and minimal high-quality components for a purer sound


Fixed boundary gap port arrangement for easier room placement


Bespoke SEAS Kudos Crescendo K3 29mm fabric dome Tweeter


Bespoke SEAS mid/bass drivers with 39mm voice coil and copper shortening ring enhanced performance


What others say

"It’s a testament to Kudos’ design that they weren’t overpowering, overblown or overwrought, but that they nevertheless brought a sense of scale to the music which was entirely appropriate in my modest listening space. Most importantly, they communicated the music and its emotional connection in the music."

Hi-Fi Plus



  • 2.5 way
  • Floorstander
  • Isobaric bass reflex

Recommended amplifier power detail

  • 25W – 300W


  • @1W
  • 1m
  • 91 dB

Nominal impedance

  • 8 ohms

Frequency range

  • 20Hz – 30kHz AIRR (average in-room response)


  • SEAS – Kudos Crescendo K3 29mm fabric dome

Mid/bass driver

  • SEAS-Kudos 220mm Nextel coated paper cone, 39mm voice coil with copper shortening ring and aluminium phase plug

Bass driver

  • 2 x SEAS – Kudos 220mm double coated hard paper cone with 39mm voice coil


  • Black Gloss
  • Black Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Tineo
  • Walnut
  • White Gloss

Speaker Dimensions

  • 1,168mm (h) x 348mm (w) x 404mm (d)

Plinth Dimensions

  • 350mm (front width) x 320mm (rear width) x 415mm (depth)

Weight (per loudspeaker)

  • 75kg

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What others are saying

  1. Geoffrey Dunn

    Another stupendous step forward

    This is my fourth pair of Kudos speakers ( C10’s, Super C10s, Titan 88s and now Titan 808s).

    Build quality is exemplary. The cabinet finishes are first class.

    The design goes from strength to strength.

    The 808s offer a new level of intimacy and detail. Their musical balance is just sublime.

    I am a lover of opera, symphonic classical music, jazz (especially tenor sax and piano), R&B and 70’s pop rock.

    So my requirements are wide-ranging and quiet varied.

    The 808s just deliver with consummate ease.

    I can only recommend that you must audition them, if you are ever looking for a high end speaker with an effortless sound balance.

    I think they will see me out- unless Derek can find some new extra finesse???

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  2. Andy

    Titan 808, forever speakers.

    Great sound quality, great looks, great practicality. Should be on anyones shortlist intending to buy highend speakers.

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  3. Chris

    A superb follower for Naim NBL

    I owned a Naim NBL since 2004 in a fully active Naim system. I couldn‘t imagine that there is a speaker which outperforms the NBL but the Titan 808 does ist in all aspects. The design of the NBL was unique and wonderful, but this counts for the Titan 808 too. This are the speakers I will own for the coming years!

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  4. Simon Finch

    Amazing Performance!

    My first impression of a the Titan T808 during a demonstration was staggering. It was only by chance I heard Kudos speakers while having a Linn LP12 power supply potential upgrade demonstration. The Linn dealer at the time decided on using T808’s at the last minute. My first thoughts were a Naim DBL sound in a smaller more attractive box. Which in my opinion is what Naim should sound like if they had continued to design and manufacture loudspeakers. Kudos was not unknown brand to me a growing high quality brand as a friend was very happy with a pair of Titans but, I soon fell in love with the product and DNA Audio in Otley, despite not being local were happy to demonstrate both T707’s and T808’s in my home for the day. After providing the knowledgeable and supportive Darren Green with lunch and good coffee it quickly became obvious I was in another world beyond my active Naim SBL’s. My next problem was the choice between T707 or T808. Surprisingly after playing numerous music tracks on both CD and vinyl passively, the T808’s were slightly more tolerant to the limited size of my humble listening room. Positioning was also not so much of an issue not relying on a boundary wall to reinforce the sound like with SBL’s. The order was then happily placed with DNA Audio. It was also well worth the wait for the oak veneer finish option, which is to an exceptional cabinet build and finish. Complementing my solid oak wooden flooring very well. After the few week build and delivery lead-time, the meticulous installation and set up by the DNA Audio team was exceptional. I am pleased to say despite the cabinet industry shrinking in the UK, Britain is still able to produce world class cabinets. Resulting in a world class loudspeaker design I am more than happy to live with. Evan after purchasing another Naim amp and custom built SNAXO to retain an active system. The other major benefit being hearing things I had not heard before in my record and CD collections. In short, extremely happy!

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  5. Jörg Hannesschläger

    My Titans

    ℹ had many speakers before but those Kudos with my NAIM 555 are the only ones where I get goose flesh.

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  6. Michael Flatman

    A Hard Act To Follow!

    I loved my Naim NBL speakers for over 17 years at the end of my full 500 series system 552/500/ND555x 2PS and had until I heard the Titan 808’s at Signals not heard any speaker that I though bettered them. I love all kinds of music but have a real passion for classical organ music. I listened to recording on Priory Records of Jane Watts playing the Westminster Cathedral organ which I knew has some of the deepest bass notes that an organ can produce. On many speakers I have heard they were either just not there or not handled very well. The 808’s played these with ease and majestically every pitch of the different noted clearly audible. Aside from organ music since having the 808’s they just put a smile on my face every time I listen to tracks I have known well. The presentation is truly remarkable with no gaps from the highest to the lowest notes, vocalists sound like they are right there in the room and instruments sound so natural. A truly superb speaker if you have the system to allow it to shine.

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