Introducing Liquid Amber, a beautiful and sustainable new finish for the Titan Series

Posted on 7th November 2022 in Category: News

Kudos T505 3555 scaled

We are delighted to announce a new finish to join the Titan Series, Liquid Amber.

Liquid Amber veneer is harvested from the Liquidambar styraciflua tree, which is native to the southeastern USA. Liquidambar is a relatively swift-growing hardwood with order to its harvesting to ensure sustainability.

Manufactured from a high-density HDF board chosen for its consistency, the core Titan cabinet comprises varying thickness panels to control panel resonances. The side panels are attached using a propriety technique to manage energy transmission from the core cabinet into the outer side panel. These panels have a balancing veneer for optimal performance and consistency.

“Liquid Amber was an excellent discovery after a long search to find a visually arresting and high-quality veneer that can be responsibly / sustainably sourced.” says Derek Gilligan, Founder and Managing Director

Kudos T808 3657 scaled

The veneer is finished with a soft sheen and hard-wearing lacquer to protect and enhance the wood’s natural beauty.

Kudos Titan loudspeakers are now available in the following four standard finishes: Walnut, Natural Oak, Black Oak and new Liquid Amber.

For more information about the Titan Series, please contact your local Kudos retailer.