Introducing the Kudos KS-1 Loudspeaker Cable

Posted on 21st February 2020 in Category: News

Kudos KS-1 Loudspeaker Cable

Following many requests from our retailers and distributors, we are delighted to introduce Kudos KS-1 loudspeaker cable.

Launching today at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show, KS-1 was developed by Kudos around a year ago for use for internally wiring our range of loudspeakers and is another element in ensuring absolute consistency of product quality over time.

KS-1 was developed by Kudos

Kudos KS-1 is the result of the KISS principle of design: the right materials, well executed win over fancy marketing related engineering every time.

KS-1’s conductors are 19 strands of silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) insulated with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) run with a slow twist and all surround by a hard PVC outer for protection. physical damping and simplicity of use.

FEP shares PTFE’s ideal low dielectric constant but is a little softer for improved mechanical damping. The choice of 19 strands is not random: there were multiple listening tests carried out to identify sonic differences from the number of strands changing while keeping the overall conductor diameter the same. Nineteen proved to be the ideal.

KS-1 loudspeaker cable is available now and can be ordered in your chosen length and termination.

Contact your local retailer for more information and to book a demonstration.