Outstanding Product for Titan 505 and Exposure Active System

Posted on 25th February 2020 in Category: Awards

A luxury loudspeaker and high-end active crossover come together with extraordinary effect. Ed Selley is blown away.

Product for Titan 505 and Exposure Active System

“I am utterly smitten by what this Kudos Audio/Exposure system can do. It doesn’t so much tick the subjective boxes of what I want a hi-fi to deliver as write an entire manifesto on it. What Exposure has done is take one of the very best standmount speakers you can buy in 2020 and somehow make it sound even better. What truly excites me, however, is that this is simply a confirmation of what is possible with an outboard
crossover in place and based on the phenomenal demonstration of its abilities here, the benefits of going active are too impressive to ignore.”

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