Kudos X2 in Hi-Fi Choice group test

Posted on 30th October 2010 in Category: Awards

HiFi Choice RecommendThe ‘baby’ of our range, the Kudos X2, has just been put through its paces in a Hi-Fi Choice group test.

Always one to hold its own and punch above its price range, the X2 passed with flying colours and was awarded a Hi-Fi Choice ‘Recommended’ badge in the October 2010 issue, on the basis of an exceptional performance amongst a group of loudspeakers ranging from £1,350 up to £2,095.

Being the smallest floorstander and the lowest cost loudspeaker in the group didn’t hold the X2 back. Its overall score was only very slightly behind that of the group winner, with a price tag of nearly twice as much!

Praised for an “impressively lively demeanour, vibrant open and coherent sound”, the baby X2 was very nearly the best performer and by far the best value loudspeaker in the test.