Kudos X2 in Hi-Fi News group test

Posted on 2nd February 2011 in Category: Reviews

The baby Kudos X2 was pitted against a group of larger and predominantly costlier loudspeakers in the January 2011 issue of Hi-Fi News magazine – and yet still held its own.

Beaten on sound quality only by much larger loudspeakers, the X2 out-performed the more costly Neat Motive 1 and Focal 816 Wse.

The reviewer highly praised the X2’s “skillful balancing act” – “walking the knife-edge between the Focal’s precise but rather bland delivery and the devil may care exuberance of the Tannoy”.

In recognition of its incredible performance at the price (and size), Hi-Fi News have awarded the Kudos X2 their coveted ‘Highly Commended’ badge.