Outstanding Product for Kudos Titan 707 x Exposure VXN Crossover

Posted on 16th January 2020 in Category: Reviews

Exposure 6488 VXN small

The Kudos Titan 707 loudspeaker has made the cover of this month’s issue of Hi-Fi News, partnered with the new Exposure VXN crossover designed for active operation with a range of Kudos loudspeakers. The four-page review, also awards the system its ‘Outstanding Product’ accolade.

Hi-Fi News Verdict:
“Crisper, clearer, faster and more detailed: that sums up the gains on offer when taking this Exposure/Kudos system active, the set-up both gaining control and losing some of the restraint heard in passive mode. Best of all, it goes louder cleaner without urging restraint over volume. So it’s a win for the active iteration here – provided you have the space, the shelves and the mains sockets for all those black boxes!”

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Kudos Titan 707 Lifestyle 6

The new Exposure VXN crossover has initially been developed for active operation with Kudos Audio’s top-of-range loudspeakers. Kudos Audio’s flagship Titan series, as well as the ‘Super’ models in its Cardea series, are all configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation, opening up a wider upgrade path and enabling a variety of performance enhancing capabilities.

Exposure joins a range of leading electronics, including Linn Exakt, Devialet Expert and Naim SNAXO that can now be used to support Kudos active operation providing customers with a much wider upgrade path.

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